Ranking Income Taxes

Article Posted on 10/12/2018

The Tax Foundation has a new tool to allow you to see how the new tax bill impact you and your neighbors.  Simply click on “Launch Now” and it will take you to a second screen.  Click down a little to see the map.  Above the map are two blocks.  One “Choose AGI Range and the second is “Chose a State.”  You can play with these.

For example if I choose my state of Nebraska and an AGI range of $50 to $75k I can then choose one of the three Nebraska Congressional districts.  I live in district three so I can see that the ave. tax cut is $1,414 and some other information.  What if I lived in California? Then the cut is a little less  $1,337.

Let’s take the same two states but change the income to $200k.  Now Nebraska savings is $23,296 and California is $21,302.

Of course everybody’s situation is different but this is what the economists are looking at as they attempt to set policy.


Ranking Income Taxes

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