Not only has our business grown in the years we've been with Kopsa Otte, but Larry and his amazing team have helped us to grow as business owners.  I remember at our first meeting, Larry telling us just to remember him when we were named "Store of the Year" and I can tell you that when we do win that award, Larry and his team will be the first people we thank!
    Lindy Lysell    State Beauty Supply 6600

The level of expertise and the in depth knowledge of our business is put into language so that it is easy to see where your business is and how you compare to your industry. They impart the information with a great bedside manner. That is a rare combination in a world that is totally analytical in nature and soberly impartial. Kopsa Otte takes the time to listen and adapt as my business changes. They always give the impression of caring personal service. Just telling the truth. Appreciate the hell out of you guys, even if it isn’t always what I want to hear.

     Mike Bleamer & Jamie Cheek    RDA ProMart 11600

Simply, Kopsa Otte has a deep understanding of how RDA/State Beauty Supply works and they know our accounting needs.  We haven’t had a lot of luck with accounting firms in the past and I’m putting that mildly.  Kopsa Otte took over our accounting in September of 2011.  It has been an awesome fit – They are able to practice in multiple states, which serves us well.  Their clients include other RDA/State Beauty Supply’s and although we never see actual numbers, Kopsa Otte is able to compare the progress of our stores to others across the nation. For example we are made aware if our employee pay, inventory levels, COG’s are in line with average.  Just as we try to do for our valued customers, Kopsa Otte goes beyond our expectations!

      Steve Westfall & Robert Turnage    RDA ProMart  &  State Beauty Supply